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Preparing your home for birth

Natural Birth Dunedin, Florida

During the final weeks of pregnancy you will want to arrange your home in a way that is pleasing to you and also that provides space for midwifery supplies and equipment.

supplies for home birth Pinellas County

Once you are 37 weeks along, its a good idea to move any furniture to open the space for the birthing pool and reserve a particular table or dresser for midwifery supplies. This clever mama purchased a mobile cart for the birth supplies. Having the space prepared in advance gives an opportunity to mentally prepare for what is to come as well has avoid any last minute scrambling once you are in labor. Collect a few essential oils. pure beeswax candles, and affirmations to have in the birthing space. Be sure the space is clean and free from clutter and dust. The midwife and her assistant will need a little open space surrounding the area to take care of you and make sure everyone is healthy.

For example, this photo is a newborn resuscitation area that we set up at every birth. Although we rarely ever need to put it to use, we do need a space to have it ready. Once the baby arrives we use the warmed blankets inside the heating pad to warm the baby if needed.

Along with your pre-ordered birth kit, here's my recommended list of things to gather:

4-6 clean towels

4-6 clean wash cloths

4-6 receiving blankets

newborn diapers

paper towels

hand soap


cheese cloth/strainer/french press (for herbs)

cookie sheet or similar (for makeshift tray if needed)

extra pillows, blankets, and sheets

clean pots (to boil water to raise temperature of birth pool if needed)

essential oils


favorite music ready to play

variety of nutritious whole foods easy to eat while in labor (chopped fruits, veggies, nuts)

Most are everyday household things that you will most likely have already. Take a day to gather everything together and if there is something you don't worries, baby will arrive just the same! Make this a calming enjoyable task and have on hand what makes you feel the most confident and relaxed.

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