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Katrina Hollon, LM, CPM


Katrina is Owner and Primary Midwife at Holistic Maternity, attending home births in the Tampa Bay area for over 10 years.  


Credentials include Certified Professional Midwife, Florida Licensed Midwife, Neonatal Resusitation, CPR, Doula. & Childbirth Educator.


A mother of two children born in to the hands of midwives, her own birth experiences inspired her to pursue midwifery.  Katrina brings her own motherly wisdom to the birth room.  She supports the arts and all things local. When shes not attending births, she's homeschooling her children and teaching at Safety Harbor Middle School. 



Heather Pearl, RN


Heather is Birth Assistant and Administrator with Holistic Maternity.  She has worked with this practice for 3 years and spent 1 year attending births at a local high volume birth center. 


Certifications include Registered Nurse, Neonatal Resuscitation & CPR 


Heather is a mother of three children, her youngest born at home in the water.  Heather is an aspiring midwife dedicated to supporting women in a natural setting.




Our primary birth assistant has worked with women attending births in a variety of settings of more than 10 years. Her experience includes Birth Center, home and hospital births. 


Certifications include Registered Nurse, Neonatal Resuscitation & CPR


She is dedicated to serving women in her own community of Clearwater, Fl.  

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