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Labyrinth as a metaphor for a woman's birth journey is the highest and closest exploration of the true nature of childbirth. Not only have I experienced this inward journey with the birth of my own two children, but I witness this unfolding in all the births that I attend. Some women seem to flow through their labor with a peaceful ease while others are tense with fears. Birthing is an inner journey, and so the preparations for it must include inner exploration as well. Childbirth classes are important and can provide helpful strategies and positions, however, its the inner path that we must truly prepare and practice. An unwaivering trust in her body and her ability to handle whatever may occur is the truest indication of a woman's preparedness for the arrival of her baby.

The Labyrinth in the photo is ceramic with glaze by Laura Irmis.

For more on this sacred journey please read Evelyn Ojeda-Fox

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