“With Katrina we felt completely supported, her professionalism made us feel confident and her warmth gave us a birth experience better than we imagined.”

Prenatal Care

Your prenatal care should begin as soon as you realize you may be pregnant and routine visits with the midwife begin at about 10-12 weeks with an appointment every 4 weeks. Once  you reach 28 weeks, your appointments will come every 2 weeks, and at 36 weeks, you will meet with the midwife every week until delivery.  Visits will include all routine labs and exams, explorations of personal desires for your birth, child birth education, nutrition counseling, and prudent monitoring of the well being of mother and baby.

Your midwife will always be available by phone. 

Since our goal is to provide the highest quality of care and ensure healthy mothers and babies,  we are experts at identifying potential risks and complications and will refer you to an obstetrician if needed.



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“We love Katrina, by the time my baby was here, I couldn't tell my skin from hers, We definitely want her to attend the birth of our next baby”


When a woman is in her own environment, making her own decisions about how to labor, she is  able to follow her natural instincts.  When a woman is supported and  safeguarded  throughout her process, she can experience the most empowering, sacred moments of her life.  With father, siblings, and loved ones there to share in these moments, homebirth becomes the ultimate birth option for thoughtful families.

Once you and your midwife have decided that the time is right, she will arrive at your home, to support you and your family throughout your labor and birth.  She will provide comfort measures, monitor your and your baby's vital signs, assess your progress and well being, and ensure that mother and child are normal and healthy during the natural process of birth.  When the time draws nearer to the birth of your sweet baby, a birth assistant will arrive and you may notice her making preparations for the birth, perhaps you will smell the organic herbs simmering, and notice her warming baby blankets and organizing supplies.

Your Licensed Midwife carries all the standard supplies, equipment, and medications used in the hospital, including oxygen and IV supplies.  She also carries vitamin K and Erythromycin Eye ointment for your newborn.  Pharmaceuticals will only be used as a last resort and only with your full and completely informed consent, as she also carries a complete homeopathy and herbal apothecary, which is her first resource.

Once your baby has arrived in your arms, we will wait to cut the umbilical cord and provide a complete newborn physical when you decide the time is right.  The newborn exam is completed right there next to you, so you and your family can be a part of the event and ask as many questions as you would like.  Your baby will remain with you at all times.  We will assist with breastfeeding, and provide thorough immediate postpartum care.  Your midwife will stay until mother and baby are stable and you are comfortable with her departure.  The birth assistant will remain to answer any questions and ensure your home is just the way it was before we arrived!


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Postpartum Care

One of the goals of HolisticMaternity is to raise the community standard of care in postpartum support.  We will provide 4 postpartum visits as part of our standard care, rather than the community standard of 2 or 3, as we believe families deserve more support during this period.  You will receive a home visit from us within 24 -48 hours of the birth of your baby, another at  1 week, 2 weeks and 6 weeks postpartum.  We will ensure the health of both mother and baby, assist in breastfeeding and newborn care.  We will provide referrals as needed and encourage you to stay connected through the Holistic Mom's Community of thoughtful families.